• The Satellite

    The Satellite

    The IIT Madras Student Satellite is a nano-satellite weighing less than 15 Kg. The satellite will be placed in orbit around the Earth at a height of 600-800 km.

  • The Payload


    High Energy Particle Detector

    The satellite houses a unique payload, which is designed to measure the fluctuations in the flux of protons and electrons in the upper ionosphere.

  • Subsystems


    The IIT Madras Student Satellite consists of seven different sub-system, each performing vital functions of the space-craft orbiting in space.

The Dream

The IIT Madras Student Satellite Project was initiated by a group of students who were inspired with an idea of building a small satellite and launching it into orbit. Their wish is to make a meaningful contribution to  science and technology, and to learn in the process.

The students’ desire to learn beyond the boundaries of their classrooms is being fostered by members of faculty from various departments of IIT Madras.

The Vision

The project’s vision is to inculcate the spirit of science and technology in the minds of young scientists and engineers, and unleash the potential that rests in them. It hopes to inspire them to have the confidence to take up challenging tasks and work towards it collectively.

On a national level, the project aims to advance the partnership between  IIT Madras and other universities with ISRO in space research and technology development.

The Frontier

The project’s scientific goal is to study the energy spectrum of charged particles in the upper ionosphere and understand the effects of solar storms, lightning storms and seismic activity.

With a unique particle detector design, which aim’s to measure the energies of particles with almost relativistic velocities, the project aims to demonstrate cost-effective development of a nano-satellite constellation capable of making simultaneous particle measurements in the future.

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